By Vivion Vinson

Building Channels 4 Change formed in the aftermath of the 2016 election.  A small group of us met—as many people have since that time—to talk about what we could do.  Some of us were new to activism, or new to activism specifically in Philadelphia, and we spoke about the hurdles involved in finding avenues for getting involved.

We discovered quickly that there was no city-wide directory of social justice organizations.  There did not appear to be an easy-to-find or comprehensive calendar of events.  There was no newsletter or news service that serviced the entire area.  Many, many progressive organizations existed, including coalitions and well-established groups of seasoned people.  But to someone new, finding out what was happening and which organizations worked with our favorite causes—and then finding out how to connect with those organizations—turned out to be surprisingly difficult.

So BC4C formally came into being, with the mission of providing people with tools and resources that facilitate and amplify their involvement in the issues that affect their lives.  Our starting goals focus on providing the directory, calendar, and newsletter we initially identified as missing.  We hope to expand our activities as our resources and volunteer base expand.

YOU CAN HELP!  The more robust the content of these services, the better they will serve the progressive community.  Did you go to an event of interest?  Write us a couple of paragraphs for the newsletter.  Are you a member of a related organization?  Send us your calendar events.  Are you willing to do some couch-surfing?  Track a few organizations’ events to keep the calendar updated, or research organizations on the directory for a profile in the newsletter.

Yours for the long haul,

The BC4C team

Why We’re Here