Thousands gathered in Logan Square in Philadelphia for the Women’s March, organized in solidarity with the Women’s March on Washington this past Saturday.

50,000 people were estimated to be at the march, more than double the predicted turnout.

The march was held in support of women’s rights and America’s diverse communities in the face of the marginalization caused by Trump’s policies and rhetoric.

People moved through the streets peacefully, barely moving at certain points due to the large crowd size.

Marchers headed down Benjamin Franklin Parkway from Logan Square to Eakins Oval for a rally.

“What do we want?” the crowd chanted. “Equality! When do we want it? Now!”

“What do we want? Justice! When do we want it? Now!”

At one point, people broke out into “We Shall Overcome,” the anthem of the oppressed.

“No visa, no walls! No hate, no fear. Refugees are welcome here!”

Cries of “Donald trump has got to go. Hey hey ho ho” rang out through the crowd.           

“Her body, her choice” cried women and men in solidarity.

Mayor Jim Kenney kicked off the rally at Eakins Oval, calling for unity and equality. “Now more than ever we need to be together, walk arm in arm, forward into history and progress. Remember we got through WW2, we’ll get through this,” he said.

[All photos above courtesy of Babak Ashrafi]

“Hey ho, hey ho, patriarchy must go,” a group cried.

[Photo courtesy of Karthika Swamy Cohen]

There was representation from “nasty grandmas” and the Granny Peace Brigade, women who had fought for equality all their lives, and were terrified to see the progress of the last few decades under threat.

[Photo courtesy of Karthika Swamy Cohen]

People toted clever, creative signs, and some downright explicit ones. Not to be outdone, dogs joined in as well.



Tens of Thousands March in Philadelphia