We want to hear from you! Building Channels for Change (BC4C) is a group of concerned volunteers formed in the wake of the 2016 election with the goal of enabling new activists to more easily connect with progressive organizations, and to assist existing organizations with coordinating their efforts.

If you are a Philadelphia-area activist or belong to an organization in the region doing important things to combat the ill-effects of the Trump administration and the Republican Party—nationally, regionally, or locally—write us!

Tell us a bit about you, your organization, its goals, and what you do. Or send us a brief recap of an event you just held, with some pictures. If a pressing issue, especially of significance to the Phila-area concerns you, write to us about it, so that we can make more people aware. Posts don’t have to be long – sometimes, a couple of paragraphs is all it takes to keep people informed. Event reports, opinion pieces, photos, editorials — are all welcome. Please email them to blog@bc4c.org or visit our contact page.

BC4C is empowering people to more easily engage in political and social change by providing an updated calendar of events enabling activism in the Greater Philadelphia area, a directory of progressive organizations, and news and announcements about events and organizations aiding the progressive cause.

Hope you will help us in this cause!

Are you a Philly Activist? Do you belong to a Phila-area organization?