Forty activists with the “Tuesdays with Toomey” effort gathered outside Senator Pat Toomey’s office yesterday to urge the senator to address pollution, and air- and water-quality issues.

The group, which gathers outside Toomey’s office every Tuesday, is hoping to keep local politicians accountable to their voters.

Yesterday’s effort was so successful that the senator’s office disconnected their phone and closed the office. Despite not being allowed into the building, the group received a lot of media coverage, which is a victory in itself. See a short clip of the CSB coverage below.


Two speakers, representatives from the Mom’s Clean Air Force, addressed the gathering, raising awareness of the importance of government action at all levels–local, state, and federal–to protect our environment. The group also highlighted the dangers of President-elect Trump’s appointment of Scott Pruitt for head of the EPA. Pruitt has a proven record of attacking the very environmental protections that the EPA is in charge of safeguarding.

Make no mistake here, today’s actions on the part of Toomey’s office show that we are making real progress,” the group said on their Facebook page. “The effectiveness of civil disobedience and resistance is shown in the reactions of those we are respectfully opposing. Leaving a group of 50 women, children, and friends out in the rain instead of having a meeting with us offers the conclusion that they are scared of us. Scared of our thoughts. Scared of our numbers. Scared of our stories. Scared of our facts.”

Keeping Toomey accountable on the Environment