Income inequality

We aim to build a nationwide movement to win a $15 minimum wage.

215 People’s Alliance is a multi-racial collaborative dedicated to fighting for equity and justice in Philadelphia – at the ballot box, and in the street

ACTION United is a membership organization of low and moderate income Pennsylvanians working to build power through organizing communities to win changes on the issues that are important to them.


to actively challenge, resist and dismantle systems of oppression that adversely impact the Black and Brown worker. Thus, we push for the social and economic liberation of the Black and Brown worker.


WE work to defend and transform public education in Philadelphia. As a caucus within the PFT, we seek to support and energize our union as well as work alongside the students, families, and communities of Philadelphia.

America’s only national organization for union women


The Eastwick Friends & Neighbors Coalition (EFNC) brings together community stake holders in planning and advocating for an environmentally, economically and socially sustainable future for Eastwick, located in southwest Philadelphia.

Fighting for $15 minimum wage


We promote common-sense solutions to balance Pennsylvania’s housing market and increase the supply of safe, decent homes for low-income people.


a coalition of labor unions and student, community, and faith groups united in our shared work fighting for the rights of all working people–in the workplace, in our neighborhoods, in the media, and on the picket line