ACLAMO Family Centers provides improved access to economic, educational, health, social, and cultural opportunities to low-income individuals and families in Montgomery County, especially those of Spanish-speaking heritage.

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We are a diverse, non-partisan group, united in anger, and committed to ending the AIDS crisis through direct action. Since its inception, ACT UP has used a diversity of direct action tactics to address social inequities that threaten people living with HIV/AIDS and those at risk of infection, both in Philadelphia and around the world


one of Philadelphia’s largest community-based minority providers of HIV/AIDS education and services for the urban community, and is a model for the provision of culturally specific education and services for other communities of color, serving more than 20,000 consumers annually.


o improve the well being, rights and autonomy of older persons through advocacy, education, and action — through a “case to cause” model of advocacy that serves to promote equal access to justice and addresses problems and issues on both the individual and the systemic levels.


supporting a network of Community Health Centers as well as the broader base of public and private-sector organizations that deliver health and human services to vulnerable populations.


We foster and advocate for services and resources that are competent, culturally sensitive, inclusive, and responsive to the needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender elders in the Delaware Valley and beyond.

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focused on making our health care system more affordable and accessible for all Pennsylvanian’s. PHAN works to expand access to and improve the quality of the Commonwealth’s health coverage options.


Philadelphia FIGHT is a comprehensive AIDS service organization providing consumer education, social services, outreach to people living with HIV and to those who are at high risk, and access to the most advanced clinical research and state of the art, culturally competent HIV primary care through the Jonathan Lax Treatment Center

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We provide compassionate abortion care and reproductive health services, inspired by our belief in the autonomy of the individual, and our commitment to strengthening communities and building a better future. We strive for excellence in healthcare provision, and we work for reproductive justice and social change.


to protect and enhance reproductive freedom, to increase access to reproductive health services and information, and to promote sexual health. – See more at: