Community development

We believe that a more accessible, sustainable, equitable, and dynamic Philadelphia can be realized through better policy and investment approaches to transportation, land use, and public space. We challenge the status quo to create a better Philadelphia for people in every neighborhood.


ACLAMO Family Centers provides improved access to economic, educational, health, social, and cultural opportunities to low-income individuals and families in Montgomery County, especially those of Spanish-speaking heritage.

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Connecting cultural expression and social change, Asian Arts Initiative uses art as a vehicle to explore the experiences of Asian Americans and the diverse communities of which we are a part.

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APM is a Latino-based health, human services, community and economic development non-profit organization serving the Philadelphia area. Our mission is to help families achieve their greatest potential.


We organize donors at all levels to support community-based groups in building movements for racial equity and economic opportunity. We support movements and their leaders through fundraising, grantmaking, capacity building, and convening.


we help the homeless & hungry, at-risk youth, struggling families & single parents. We help immigrants, refugees, neglected children and those with intellectual disabilities. We provide programs for pregnant teens, and court-adjudicated delinquents.


promotes the economic development and financial inclusion of Philadelphia’s Latino community through collaborations and advocacy aimed at ensuring their access to quality housing.


Established in 2003 by neighborhood residents, the East Park Revitalization Alliance (EPRA) seeks to build a healthy community in the Strawberry Mansion neighborhood, focusing on environmental improvement and health promotion. We turn vacant land into community gardens, operate programming to connect neighborhood residents to the adjacent park, have planted over 700 trees in the community and run the successful “Healthy Choices” Youth Program, an after school and summer program for neighborhood youth ages 6-18 at our local recreation center that is based on giving youth the skills to make the healthy choices that will help them become healthy adults. EPRA also focuses on food and land access by supporting and training community gardeners, running two weekly food pantries, operating a weekly farmstand, and distributing fresh, neighborhood-grown produce to expand neighborhood access.


Driven by the biblical mandate to serve the “least of these” (Matt. 25:40), we strengthen Hispanic communities. We carry out this mission through a variety of programs and services that are all designed to empower people through education, economic development, and advocacy.

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FAAN Mail is a media literacy and activist project formed by women of color and based in Philadelphia. Together with our allies, we (1) “talk back to” media (2) create and promote the alternatives we wish to see (3) engage our communities through education, dialogue and activism.