America’s only national organization for union women


The Friends Of Neighborhood Education is a network of more than 40 groups in Philadelphia established to support neighborhood public schools.

We work towards putting an end to abuse, torture, and unjust practices in U.S. prisons and the “above- the-law” attitude and actions of the criminal justice system.


a coalition of labor unions and student, community, and faith groups united in our shared work fighting for the rights of all working people–in the workplace, in our neighborhoods, in the media, and on the picket line


nonpartisan coalition of advocacy and community organizations joined together to launch a coordinated campaign to update Pennsylvania’s election system.


The Philadelphia Coalition for Affordable Communities is a growing coalition of 15 community, faith, and labor organizations that have launched a Development without Displacement campaign to expand and protect affordability in neighborhoods undergoing gentrification.


Our mission is to provide a safe space for community organizations and individuals to come together and combine resources to eliminate the system of white supremacy and police terror across all areas of racial, economic, and legal oppression.

POWER uses our belief in God’s goodness and compassion for the suffering to organize and empower the people of Philadelphia to live and work together so that God’s presence is known on every block, that people work together to transform the conditions of their neighborhood, and that life flourishes for all.